How to qualify for the warranty

When you present your vehicle to a MOTEST site the team will check to see if your car is due a cambelt replacement, based on mileage and/or age. MOTEST will then quote for the correct replacement cambelt kit (including water pump where fitted).

Once MOTEST have carried out the work (using Motaquip parts), you will then qualify for a ‘no quibble warranty’ as stated on your invoice. If there are any claims within the terms of the warranty, we will replace the timing belt kit, water pump (where fitted) and any associated damaged components.

General terms and conditions relating to the ‘We Fit – You Forget’ Warranty offer:

  1. Motaquip timing belt kit and Motaquip water pump must be fitted at the same time, where either a timing belt kit or water pump is fitted separately normal Warranty conditions will apply.
  2. Only the vehicle that the parts were originally fitted to is covered by this Warranty
  3. Warranty covers normal road usage and excludes any vehicle that is used for competition, racing, records attempts, rallying or any other activity that can be fairly described as being outside of normal road use.
  4. The ‘Life of the Part’ defines the duration of warranty period, this will vary from vehicle to vehicle and will always be the vehicle manufacturers recommended replacement period normally set in both mileage and time period e.g. 60,000 or 6 years. Refer to your vehicle’s handbook for your specific recommended replacement period/mileage.
  5. Only one claim per vehicle will be accepted under our ‘We Fit – You Forget’ Warranty; any future claim will be referred to the manufacturer.
  6. In the event of a claim all displaced parts must be retained for inspection, this will be done automatically when the vehicle is returned to MOTEST for repair.
  7. The Warranty does not affect your statutory rights and is in addition to any other remedies which you may have under the Contract.
  8. The replacement of any parts under this Warranty does not extend the Warranty period of that Part i.e. the replacement Part will only be guaranteed for the remaining Warranty period of the original Part.
  9. Parts removed for replacement under the Warranty become the property of Motaquip.
  10. Antifreeze that meets the specification as dictated by the vehicle manufacturer must be in the cooling system at all times.

The liability of MOTEST under the Warranty is limited to:

  1. Total value of a claim is limited to the market value of the vehicle as determined by the current CAP Black Book guide.
  2. Consequential mechanical damage to the Vehicle e.g. timing belt failure leading to engine damage is covered by the warranty.

The following exclusions apply:

  1. The cost of Vehicle recovery due to the failure of a Part.
  2. Any costs incurred as a result of the Vehicle being off road e.g. the loss of the use of the Vehicle, loss of earnings, accommodation costs, and vehicle hire etc.
  3. Any other costs which are not specifically covered by the Warranty e.g. costs incurred as a result of sourcing alternative parts or, the cost difference between the original and replacement Part etc.
  4. Damage which is a consequence of repairs, conversions or modifications carried out on the Vehicle to which a Part is fitted.
  5. The cost of fault diagnosis